Friday, September 30, 2011

Take My Podcast, Please . . .

Join the host who will do any thing for his devoted listeners! In this episode he dedicates an entire show to one listener, Eleanor Roosefelt Jones, just to make a point. So stay tuned for a show that will certainly please every listener with tunes just like these:

Please, Please, Please - James Brown and the Fabulous Flames
Please, Baby - Geoff Muldaur and the Texas Sheiks
Please Release Release Me - Jerry Lee Lewis and Gillian Welch
Please Don't Waste My Time - Louisiana Bob Kirkpatrick
Please Let Me Stay - Queen Sylvia Embry
Please Don't Hurt Me - Jim and Bob Harrison
Please No More - Cate Brothers
Please Do Something B2B with Don Covey & The Spencer Davis Band
Please Step Aside - Peter Berry and The Shake Set
Please Don't Fight It B2B with The Knickerbockers & Dino, Desi, and Billy
Please Don't Worry - Grand Funk Railroad
Please Go Home - The Rolling Stones
Please Call Me Baby - Tom Waits
Please Call Home - Gregg Allman
Please Come Home For Christmas - Johnny Winter

Aim Too, Please !

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