Saturday, September 24, 2011

Songs About Singers, Part II as I was saying, just how can you be an unsung hero when someone's singing a song about you? We answer that question with songs like:

Tribute to Muddy (Muddy Waters) - Big Daddy Kinsey
John Lee Hooker BAck 2 Back:
JLH Boogie - Canned Heat &
John Lee Hooker for President - Ry Cooder
Stevie Rave On - Buddy Whittington
No More Elmore (Elmore James) - Eric Burdon
Sonny Boy Blow (Sonny Boy Williamson) - John Mayall
Henry Thomas - Loving Spoonful
I'm An Animal - The Animals
The Late Great Johnny Ace - Paul Simon
Song For Bob Dylan - David Bowie
Song For Woody (Guthrie) - Bob Dylan
Staxability(Booker T & MGs) - Al Kooper
2 Guitar Songs:
Kay Guitars - Rockin' Highliners
Fender Champ - Buddy Whittington

Kinda catchy and easy to dance to...I give it a 10.

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