Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's Too Dang Hot - Bakers Dozen of Summer Sizzlers

To every thing there is an opposite, the ying and yang of life, in February we were complaining it was "Too Dang Cold." That was ying and now here is the yang..."It's Too Dang Hot!." So join your host Guy Habenero and he offers up a 400 degree, wood fired bakers dozen of summer sizzlers from the newly water cooled Stupid Rabbit Labs and the collective mind of Stupid Rabbit that can present tunes exactly like this:
It's Hot - Canned Heat
Sun Is Hot - Chris Rea
Too Hot To Handle - Hoodoo Rhythm Devils
I Walk a Hot Wind - Southern Culture On The Skids
B2B - Hot Dusty Roads with Buffalo Springfield & Chocolate Watchband
Long Hot Summer Night with acoustic intro - Jimi Hendrix
One Hot Night - Mem Shannon
Too Hot For Me - Kenny Parker
Long Hot Summer - Jim Schuler
Too Hot - Trip Daddys
Too Hot for Love - Southern Gentlemen
Long Hot Summer Night Revisited - Jimi Hendrix

For our listeners in the southern hemisphere, disregard THIS podcast until mid January.

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