Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sweet! The Beatles!

Another other the continuing story of you host, sometimes referred to as the ninth Beatle (I'm the guy between Paul and the back!) , Don "I'm the quiet one" Knox, and the Ol' Colonel on drums. In this episode the crew features tunes from the years 1965 and 1966 also referred to as the Middle Years of Beatlemania ! Join them as the play through tune exactly like these:

I don't want to spoil the party by The Savoys
Bad Boy by Larry Williams
Words of Love by El Amor
What You're Doing by Lisa Lauren
Help! by Tommy Castro, Jimmy Hall, Lloyd Jones
Yesterday back 2 Back by Tyrone Taylor and Arthur Mullard
You Got To Hide Your Love Away by Eddy Vedder
Act Naturally by El Amor
It's Only Love by Dwight Twilley
I've Just Seen A Face by Charles River Valley Boys
Drive My Car by Jim Moray
Norwegian Wood by the Psychedelic Guitar Circus
Paperback Writer by Kris Kristopherson
You Won't See Me by Dar Williams
Nowhere Man by Chris While
Michelle by the Ladmo Trio
Girl by Tiny Tim and The Brave Combo
In My Life by Johnny Cash
If I Needed Someone by The Cryin Shames
Taxman by Catfish Havens
Eleanor Rigby jy Sugarcane Harris
I'm Only Sleeping by Roseanne Cash
Here, There, and Everywhere by Locksley
Yellow Submarine by The London Jazz Four
Doctor Robert by Luke Temple
I Want To Tell You by Thea Gilmore
Tomorrow Never Knows by Jason McNiff

This IS sweet!

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