Thursday, June 30, 2011

The ALL NEW!! Summer Replacement Show !

When Don "I'm Outta Here" Gnotts and the Ol' Colonel took off for the extended summer vacation, it was up to the head honcho to contact his old cronies in broadcasting to bail him out of a jam the management wished them well and located your hosts broadcasting mentors who molded his very heart to show business. So join your host along with Big John, Lester, and Hossman Allen as there relive the heyday of Old South Radio with memories like:

Lattimore Brown Back 2 Back Little Bag O Tricks and Otis Is Gone
Pitiful - Big Maybelle
Guitar King - Johnny Littlejohn
I Can't Stand To See You Die - Johnny Otis Show
"John sells baby chicks, or maybe not"
Sticks and Stones - Nora O Connor
In The Middle Of A heartache - Rosie Flores
"Lester slips one in"
Manic Depressions - Roseanne Cash
Tema - Vida E Inspira
"Here comes the Hoss"
Boogie Bump - Freddy King
Okie Dokie Stomp - Clarence Gatemouth Brown
Brown Eyed Handsome Man - Neko Case
MFR* Little Sammy Davis and Levon Helm - Fannie Mae
I Got My Mojo Working Sign Off - featuring the Whole Cast!

*My Favorite Record

A Pantheon of Talent Awaits!

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