Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trick's Top 10 Countdown !

Newer and improved, the Stupid Rabbit gang your host,Shorty Powers, Don "I Got Ten Fingers" Gnotts, and the Old Colonel bring a new concept to the show with this edition. Not only is the show now smaller it still comes in the same size box! Yes, you can get more entertainment in a reduced size package with "hits" like:

Number 10 Marshall Crenshaw and Sugar Blue "Big 10 Inch Record"
Number 9 NRBQ "Rocket Number Nine"
Number 8 Leather Coats and the Byrds "Eight Miles High" B2B
Number 7 John Mayall " Seven Days Too Long"
Number 6 Elvis Costello and Alan Toussaint "Six Fingered Man"
Number 5 Kid Thomas and Lazy Lester "Five Long Years" B2B
Number 4 Hans Thessink and Terry Evans "Let The Four Winds Blow"
Number 3 Beatle Break "Three Cool Cats"
Number 2 Otis and Carla "It Takes Two"
Number 1 Al Kooper "One"
and of course,
My Favorite Record Little George Sueref "666"

You can always count on Don for a good time!

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