Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Brings Flower Power !

As things warm up and with Spring just a few weeks away, your host, Captain Hugh Ashbury, and special pal and love beads guru, Mr. Don, take a trip down memory lane to those fuzzy years of psychedelic music . So tune in, turn it on, and drop us a line as you listen to this special 1960's edition of Trick's Synthetic Podcast Flower Power edition with:
Spring Flower Power Edition
Exit 9 – The Heard
Turn On a Friend – Peanut Butter Conspiracy
Omaha – Moby Grape
Strawberries Mean Love – Strawberry Alarm Clock
Sucking On a Cigarette – Bread, Love, and Dreams
Public Execution – Mouse and the Traps
Declaration of Independence – Count Five
Yeah! – Bruce and Terry
Hey! It’s The Hullabaloo!
Incense and Peppermint – Strawberry Alarm Clock
Smell of Incense – Southwest F.O.B
Hot Smoke and Sassafras – Bubble Puppy
Sit Down I Think I Love You - Back 2 Back Mojo Men and Buffalo Springfield
Sorrow – McCoys
Let’s Spend the Night Together – Muddy Waters
Killing Floor - Electric Flag
Back Door Man – Howlin’ Wolf
Walk on Gilded Splinters – Johnny Jenkins
PSA from Ravi Shankar
I Am the Walrus – Lord Sitar
Spinning Wheel - Blonde on Blonde
Wispey Paisley Skies - Fraternity of Man
Hey Joe! Back 2 Back – Love and The Creation
You’re Gonna Miss Me – 13th Floor Elevators
House of Glass – Glass Family
How Is the Air Up There – The La De Da’s
The Roscoe Teenage Fair
Theme to the Movie Candy – The Byrds
Beatle Break:
Vanilla Fudge’s Ticket to Ride
Ventures’ Strawberry Fields Forever
Fresh Garbage – Spirit
Orange and Red Beams – Animals
See Emily Play B2B – Pink Floyd and David Bowie
Third Rock From the Sun – Jimi Hendrix
The End

You Can test drive this beauty here!

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