Sunday, March 13, 2011

We Rode The Led Zipper...

...and all I got was this

Join your host for the show, Herbert Morrison, and color commentators, Don "Hot Air" Gnotts and the Ol' Colonel, as they discuss the events of the day. The broadcast also includes various musical interludes of local interest. It's another literary gem with tunes like these:
Custard Pie - Eric Gales
Battle of Evermore - Celtic Tribute Band
Kashmir Back 2 Back - Dread Zeppelin & Paul Dianno
You Need Love - Joe Louis Walker & James Cotton
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - Joe Lynn Turner
Heartbreaker - Steve Morse
Living Loving Maiden - Just A Bunch of Guys From England
The Song Remains The Same - Dread Zeppelin
Good Times, Bad Times - Eric Bloom & Brian Robertson
Stairway To Heaven Back 2 Back - Tiny Tim with Brave Combo and The Door Show
Whole Lotta Love - Pat Travers
Black Dog - Dread Zeppelin
You Shook Me - Kurt Menk & Artimus Pyle
Since I've Been Loving You - Otis Clay
Beatle Break "Stairway" with the Beatnix
Dancing On The Killing Floor - Dread Zeppelin
Stairway To Heaven - Dixieland Allstars

From the guys who brought you:

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