Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dang, It's Been Cold !

Join your host, Captain Frosty, broadcasting from somewhere north of ice station Zebra for what must be the coldest podcast on record. While the South thaws out from record snow falls and low temps, Trick's Synthetic Podcast and the whole Stupid Rabbit Labs staff are warming things up with this shows selections which are stacked like cord wood with tunes like:

"Cold, Cold, Cold" Back 2 Back with Little Feat and Brint Anderson
"Cold, Cold, Cold" - Dr. John
"Cold Funk" - Tommy Castro, Jimmy Hall, Lloyd Jones
"Cold Folks Boogie" - Smokin' Joe Kubek and B'nois King
"Cold As Hell"- Jimmy Dawkins
"Cold Day In Hell" - Ike and Tina Turner
"Ice Cold" - Long John Hunter
"Cold Dreary Morning" - The Vejitables
"Early Morning Cold Taxi" - Who
"Stone Cold Fever" - Humble Pie
"Cold Hearted Woman" - Savoy Brown
"Even My Tears Are Cold" - Nitzinger
My Favorite Record is Marlon 'Madman' Mitchell And The Rocketeers, "Ice Cold Baby"
"Cold Women With Warm Hearts" - Albert King
"Blood Running Cold" - Miss Blues
"She Made My Blood Run Cold" - Mojo Party Band
"This Is A Cold Cruel World" - Mojo Watson
"Cold Sweat" Back 2 Back with The Boneshakers and The Original James Brown
"So Cold" - Debbie Davis, Kenny Neal and Tab Benoit
"Coldest Night Of The Year" - Twice As Much

It was bound to happen!

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