Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Cleans Up" - The Annual Leftovers Edition

Join your host, Captain Al Soran, The Old Colonel, and Don, for this annual foray into almost good enough and too good to leave behind songs from the last twelve months. Stupid Rabbit said move these songs before we have to do inventory, so here are those tunes that can only be referred to as "bubble and squeek." Grab yourself a doggy bag and clean up on these before the get thrown out with the trash:

The Same Old Theme
Playboy Undertaker - Bob Peck
Honor The Hearse - The Blue Things
Your Funeral, My Trial - John Mayall
Hey Bublien - Jimi Hendrix
Major Tom - David Bowie
Memphis - Bern Spier
The Wall - Pink Floyd
Little 2 + 2 - The Hombres
SS 396 - Paul Revere and The Raiders
Brand New Cadillac - Procol Harem
Paint It Black - Soulful Strings
Street Fighting Man - Chesterfield Kings
DogHouse - Earl Gillam
99 Miles an Hour - Chainsaw DuPont
Scratch My Back - Roosevelt Barnes
My Back Scratcher - Frank Frost
Three Handed Woman - Louis Jordan
Two Headed Man - Lonnie Brooks
All Is One - The Animals
One Kind Favor - Canned Heat
Mr. President, Have Pity On The Working Man - Randy Newman
Slow Down - Larry Williams
Soldier Of Love - Arthur Alexander
Bad Boy - Larry Williams
Over The Rainbow - Richards and Keys

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