Saturday, January 15, 2011


1 is here, "One" the prime number, and this month's show is chock full of "Unos" example: January 11, 2011 is 01.11.11. Dude! So to honor all the unique folk in the audience here is the one, the only, "One Show" with your host, Captain Juan N. Honley, and of course Don and the Colonel and featuring:

New Theme Orange Street - Grorgie Fame
"Number One" - Rutles
"One Too Many A Morning" - Beau Brummels
"One" Back 2 Back with Al Kooper and Harry Nilsson
"One More Heartache" - Artwoods
The Colonel Checks in for 2011
"One Love, One Kiss" - Robert Ealey
"One and Only Man" - Guitar Shorty
"One Kiss" - Sean Costello and His Jivebombers
"One In A Million" - John Mayall
Now A Word From Our Sponsor
"One Step Back" - Kinsey Report
"One Way Ticket To Nowhere" David Allen Coe
"Cry One More Time" - Gram Parson
"One Too Many Mornings" - Ras Abijah
"One Step" - Ronnie Lane
"One Thin Dime" - Mem Shannon
My Favorite Record with "One Meatball" by Calvin Russell
"One Way Ticket Down" - Guy Clark
"One Kiss" - Butch Hancock
"One Way Out" Back Too Back with Voodoo Pie and Brint Anderson
Hey, It's Al!
"One Room Country Shack" - Buddy Guy
Well, That's Our Show
Orange Street - Reprise

Here is something really one of a kind

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