Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sit Down and Eat Up !

This month your host, Captain Cabbage, and the gang upend the food pyramid with an indepth look at man's primary need, food. Nothing fancy, no frogois nor snails, just good old down home cooking. So grab a plate, grab a fork, and tuck your napkin into your shirt because we are chowing down and no one leaves until the table is bare. For the whole menu check out the Stupid Rabbit shopping list:
Food - The Turtles
Fast Food Annie - A.C. Reed
Hamburger Joint - Jimmy McCraklin
Hot Tamale Man - Jimmy "T-99" Nelson
Hot Dog Stand - New Iberians
They're Red Hot - Peter Green
S.C.O.T.S. Back 2 Back with "Fried Chicken and Gasolene" and "8 Piece Box"
Turnip Greens - 5 Redcaps
Okra - Ola Dura
Jalapeno Con Big Red - Joe King Carrasco Y El Molina
One Meatball - Calvin Russell
It's Cookery Time!
Chili Sauce - Louis Prima
Hot Chili - Steve Miller
Cheese and Crackers - Roscoe Gordon
A Special Message From The Pork Association
Cold Balogna - Isley Brothers
She's A Bag Of Potato Chips - Andre Williams
Boogie Woogie Blue Plate AND Beans & Corn Bread, A Louis Jordan Back 2 Back!
Bar-B-Cue Boogie - Elvin Bishop
Maximum Consumption - The Kinks
Cherry Pie - Jimmy Carl Back
Candy - Tom Petty
RC Cola and A Moon Pie - NRBQ
Checkin' In With Don
Fine Jelly Blues - Redd Foxx
Oreo Cookie Blues - Lonnie Mack and Stevie Ray Vaughn
Small Potatoes - Gale Garnett
Red beans and rice - Gladys Bentley
Meat Ration Blues - Mrs. Otis Spann
Greezy Greens - Peg Leg Sam
Cracklin' Bread - Big Jack Johnson
and much more!

Hot Dog! It's Supper Time... AT: stupid-rabbit.podomatic.com

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