Thursday, September 9, 2010

End of Summer and Back To School Special

If you think it is easy to come up with a new and snappy "theme" for each show, think again. This week the crack team at Stupid Rabbit and host, Mr. "Mind Like A Steel Trap", have pulled another musical rabbit out of the creative hat with the "End of Summer / Back To School" Special originally aired by ABC as an "After School Special" in 1974. Keeping with the era, this entire episode was recorded in glorious "Living Color" with "Spectacular Monophonic Sound"!

In this episode the host is visited by a very special guest and is faced with not one, but two very difficult dilemmas. See if you can figure them out. (If you need help, check out the comments section below.)

End Of Summer and Back To School Special:
Hey, It's Jerry The Bus Driver
Summer's Almost Gone - The Doors
Last Rose Of Summer - Chris Thomas King
Now The Summer's Gone - Gary Lewis
Kick Out The Jams Back 2 Back with MC5 and Volcano Suns
A Joe Tex "BC Break"
Another Back 2 Back with Archie Bell and The Nazz!
Say, It's The Colonel!
Education - The Kinks
School Days - Chris Spedding
High School Drool - JoJo Gunne
School Boy - Fenton Robinson
Good Morning Little School Girl Back 2 Back with Paul Butterfield and Johnny Winter
School Girl - Long John Hunter
Little Girl Go Back To School - John Lee Hooker
Still in School - NRBQ
Love Will Make You Fail In School - Mickey and Sylvia
Educated Fool - Los Fabulocos
We're Running About An Hour Short
Desperate Measures Are Required...

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1 comment:

S R Management said...

The answers are:
1. Paul is not dead, he was just taking a smoke break.

2. The Hidden Tracks are
Tear This House Down Tonight - Little Milton
My Home Is My Prison - Lonesome Sundown
Blue Monday - Mark May Band
Generic Blues - Maurice John Vaughn
Just To Be With You - Paul Butterfield
Drownin' - RAdio Kings
Hold On To Your Hiney - Albert White
I Can't Believe It - The Animals
Look Over Yonders Wall - Arthur "Big Boy" Cruddup
Rats and Roaches - Calvin Russell
You Shook Me - Guitar Pete