Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coming In August

Join your host, Captain Soul, along with his sidekicks Don and the Old Colonel as the fire up the strobe light and reverberation machine for a journey back to a time where sitars ruled and feedback was the king at Son of Pschedelic Flashback (Vol. 4)

We're All Going To Mountaindale
Ten Years After - Speed Kills
Road To St. Stephens - Bubble Puppy
Morning Dew - Episode Six
Coke Break With Don and The Easybeats
Talkin' Bout you - Joe Soap
Hey Joe Back 2 Back with The Cryan Shaymes and the Tangents
Arnold Layne - Pink Floyd
Are You Loving It More - Electric Prunes
Shape Of Things To Come - E Types
Declaration of Independence - Count Five
We're going to Jean Town!
He's Not There - Vanilla Fudge
Ruby Tuesday - Rotary Connection
Hot Smoke and Sassafras - The Mooche
San Franciscan Nights - Eric Burdon and the Animals
Hey Gyp - Donovan
Somebody Lets Jack Out of the Box
Black is White, Night Is Day - 5 Americans
300 Watt Music Box - Michelangelo
Out Of Focus - Blue Cheer
Harper's Ferry Free Press - Muddy Waters
Boogie Children - Underground Electrics
Trial Dragger - Howlin' Wolf
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Incredible Bongo Band
Unconscious Power - Iron Butterfly
Birdman Of Alcatrash - Strawberry Alarm Clock
In Time - Sir Douglas Quintet
Backwards - Lothar And The Hand People
Subway Ride Thru Innerspace - Freak Scene
Captain Soul - The Byrds
Trick Bag - Fraternity Of Man
Sunny Cellophane Skies - Status Quo
Day Tripper We Can Work It Out - Fever Tree
Monster - Steppenwolf
Turn off the machine!

Let's Go Trippin' With Trick, Mudcat, and Jimmy "No Nickname Allowed" Smith

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