Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blown Away, Again

Another entry in the "Best of Collection" from Trick's Synthetic Podcast also referred to around Stupid Rabbit Labs as "another of those last year's reruns shows". Join your host, Captain Stormy, as he sails right on through the storm with these hurricane related tunes which are guaranteed not to make you seasick.
Hurricane - Levon Helm,
They Call Me Guitar Hurricane - Stevie Ray Vaughn,
Like A Hurricane - Chris Thomas King
Flood In Houston Back 2 Back with Savoy Brown and Fenton Robinson,
Storm Watch Warning - Dr. Wu
Hurricane - Bacon Fat
Storm Warning - Sea Level
Riders of the Storm Back 2 Back with Creed and Ex Votto
Hurricane - Shuggie Otis
Like A Hurricane - Neil Young
Survivors of the Hurricane - James Blood Ulmer
Baptized In Dirty Water - Chris Thomas King
Hurricane Party - James McMurtry
Home Is Where The Heart Is - Co Co Robiceaux
Close with a recording of Hurricane Harry from 1956

I (Don't) Like Ike . . .

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