Monday, May 3, 2010

I've Been Nickel and Dimed To Death ...

As they say,"Times is tuff!" and between the kids needing money, the taxes going up, and prices rising at the store faster than a Congressional spending bill ...I've decided that I'm being nickel and dimed to death . So, join me, your humble host Johnny Dollar, as I take out my frustration with this month's podcast featuring songs about the thing that makes the world go around...
M O N E Y with:

I Need Money - Slim Harpo
Hot Money - Canned Heat
The Lad's Got Money - Ronnie Lane
Money Song - Monty Python
Money Back 2 back with Dwight Twilley and Barrett Strong
Money Is My Downfall - Sam Meyer and the Mississippi Delta Band
Bring The Money In - Bill Davis
Where's The Money - Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings
Man with Money Back to Back,too with The Who, The Fabulous Poodles and The Wild Uncertainty
All The Money - Bobby Charles
Funny About My Money - Buster Benton
On The Nickel - Tom Waits
Somebody Loan Me A Dime - J B Hutto
On The Dime - Mem Shannon
Dollar and A Quarter - Otis Spann

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