Friday, February 5, 2010

It's February, Don't Cha Know

Yes, I know it's February, the month of Presidents Day, Valentine's Day, Black History Month, even Weather Caster's Day(look it up, Feb. 5th). It's almost too much to take in during the year'sshortest month! That is unless you are a "Know It All," so what better time to recognize the best "Know It All" of all time, Mr. Don Knotts as your host, former M.C. of the $64.00 Question, Captain Knowledge, dwelves into the realm of the Know It All Edition ofTrick's Synthetic Podcast for February with:
I Know It's Hard, But It's Fair - 5 Royals
Everybody Wants To Know - J. B. Lenoir
Don't You Know - Sam Butera
You Don't Know - B. B. King
Nobody Knows - George Smith
Hey Baby, Don´t You Know - Johnny Otis
Knowing,That You Want Him Back Again - Shuggie Otis
She Knows How - The Box Tops
How Do You Know - Lyres
No One Knows - The Easybeats
Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring - Traffic
More Than You'll Ever Know "back 2 Back" with Al Kooper and Bo Diddley
I'd Like To Know - David Blue
Do You Know How It Feels To Be Lonesome - Gram Parsons
I Wanna Know Now - Screaming Jay Hawkins
I Don't Know - Freddie King
Too Young To Know - Muddy Waters
I Know Something About The Blues - Dean Hall and The Loose Eels
A Lightnin' Slim Back 2 Back with You Know You're So Fine and I Don't Know
I Should HAve Known Better - Beatles
You Don't Know - Arthur Alexander
"I Know This Is The End" Theme

Yes, I do all!

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