Sunday, January 17, 2010

Before and After

Your humble host gets off to a shaky start by tapping an old salty Hollywood has-been to co-host this edition of the Synthetic Podcast. But never fear with the new theme and new old music, he still succeeds in saving a sinking ship! And besides, with a water logged show like this one, the others will sound so much sharper. It's all in the new, improved marketing scheme. This time featuring:

Before and After - Chad and Jeremy
The Befores:
Blues Before Sunrise - Leslie West
Before The Bullets Fly - Blues Co-op
Dark Before Daylight - Rick Moore and Mr. Lucky
Before The Night Is Over - Jerry Lee Lewis and B B King
Before You Accuse Me Back 2 Back with Bo Diddley, Roy Head, Creedence Clearwater
How We Were Before - The Zombies
Love Me Like Before - The Brood
Before They Make Me Run - The Rolling Stones
And The Afters:
Day After Day - Los Fabulocos with Kid Ramos
My Time After A While Back To Back with Johnny Winter and John Mayall
After Midnight - Daddy Mack Blues Band
Time Is After You - Peanutbutter Conspiracy
Morning After - Count Five
Yes, I Guess They Ought To Name A Drink After You - John Prine
Time After Time - The Domino Kings
After sunset - Gatemouth Brown
Someday After Awhile - John Mayall and the Blues Breakers
Cha Cha Cha Blues - Phil Upchurch

The Usual Suspects:

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