Friday, November 6, 2009

Psychedelic Flashback Part 2 ~ "Red Paisley Flannel" Special

Wow! another two hours of trippy psychedelic swirlers. I knew this musical trip would last longer so join your host for the best fifteen minutes in podcasting, wrapped into the two hour 1960's style love fest.
This time with:
The Up Beat
Look At the Sun - Mouse and the Traps
Soft Soundin' - Harper's Bizarre
I Love You - People
Something In The Air - Mandrake Memorial
Sattva - Rascals
Keep Your Mind Open - Kaleidoscope
Sunshine Superman - Donovan
Brother Lou's Love Colony - Colours
B2B Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White - Standells & Jades
Iron Butterfly Theme - Iron Butterfly
Are You Experienced - Tom Swift and Electric Flag
You Wont Catch Me - Smoke
Passenger - Conqueroo
"Micktro" to a Rolling Stone Back 2 Back
Playing With Fire B2B with John Fred and the Playboys & The Puritans
She's Like A rainbow - Rolling Stones
The American Metaphysical Circus- The United States of America
Bells of Baytown - Southwest F.O.B.
8 Miles High - Byrds
President's Council on Psychedelic Fitness - Blues Magoos
Rugs Of Wood And Flowers - The Turtles
Rainbow of Life - Third Bardo
Mind Destruction - Oxford Circle
Walking Through My Dreams at Night - Pretty Things
Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow - Strawberry Alarm Clock
Strange Days - Doors
Warm You Are - Subway
Bird Journey - Mandrake Memorial
Smokes - ? and the Mysterians
Winding Down
Ballad of Easy Rider & 8 Mile Reprise - Roger McGuinn

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