Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trick's Lights Up !

Break out the lava lamp and dust off the strobes because Trick's is "Lighting Up" the scene with two more hours of psychedelic headswirlers from the 60's love generation. I guess you can call this one a shining example of musical head games or you can just call it, Trick's Synthetic Podcast Lights Up ~ VOL. III with:
The Mo Onions Theme
Hope for Happiness - Soft Machine
Roast Beef Love - Earth Opera
Cellopane Woman - Sopwith Camel
Crowd Pleaser - Yellow Payges
The Beauty of The Time Is That Its Snowing - Steve Miller
Don't Worry Mother Your Son's Heart Is Pure - The McCoys
I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind - Vashti Bunyun
I Ain't No Miricle Worker - The Brouges
Grand Candy Young and Sweey - Fever Tree
I can't see your face in my mind - Doors
I HAd Too Much To Dream - Electric Prunes
"See Emily Play Back" 2 Back with David Bowie and Pink Floyd
Win Swinging Prizes!
Fire Engine - 13th Floor Elevator
Castles Made Of Sand - Jimi Hendix
Morning Dew - Sons of May
Drop Out - Pearls Before Swine
You're A Very Lovely Woman - Merry Go Round
The Dance at St. Francis - Gandalf
Diamond Studded Eyes - Bit A Sweet
Little Janie - The Trip
Yellow Submarine Promo
Lucy In Diguise With Diamonds - Beatles
Ecstacy - Peanut Butter Conspiracy
Expo 2000 - Chocolate Watch Band
Warm You Are - Subway
Guess - Glass Family
Captian Soul - The Living End
(I've Got) Nowhere to Run - The More-Tishans
Converto - The Churchills
Psychedelic Siren - the Daybreakers

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