Thursday, October 8, 2009

October Surprise, not a politician in the house ('cept the Governator).

This month we run head long into....SCIENCE! Not the high school kind, rather the Steven Hawkins vs. Terminator kind with a trip, courtesy of the world's smartest man, into alternate musical demensions where the songs are familiar - but not as remembered and everything, everything eventually goes terribly wrong, courtesy of the world's dumbest actor turn governor. So tune in and let the air out of your inflatable shoes with the best 15 minutes of podcasting, rolled into two adventurous hours of musical mischeif:
Lord of the Universe - Donovan,
Steven and Arnold's Doo-Hickey,
Cross Town Traffic - Chico Magnet Band,
Right Place, Wrong Time - Senator Jones,
Day Dream - Col. Jubilation B. Johnson,
Time Is On My Side - Pretty Things
Deep Trouble,
Play With Fire - Beau Brummels,
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues - Barry McGuire,
Lay, Lady, Lay - Ted Roddy
Reason To Believe - Denny Laine and the Electric String Band,
Into The Future'
Across The Universe - David Bowie,
Soldiers Of Love - The Kaisers
Beatle Break / Back 2 Back: Revolution - Kenny Neal, Lucky Peterson, Tab Benoit and Nina Simone,
Whip It - Del Rubio Triplets,
Foxey Lady - Human Beinz,
Tired Of Waiting - The Flock,
Back 2 Back- Don't Bring Me Down - Jades and Mudcrutch,
Mr. Soul - Houston Fearless
Sookie, Sookie - The Waistcoats
Back 2 Back – Hang On Sloopy with Beau Brummels and Col. Jubilation B. Johnson, II
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 – Little Mike and the Tornados
Summertime Blues – Evan Johns and the H Bombs
Bad Moon Rising – Storyville
Wild Horses – Leon Russell
The Wheels Fall Off!
Put No Headstone on My Grave – Little Ester
Creature from Outer Space – Sonny Day
Voo Doo Woman – Johnny Otis
Two Headed Monstah – Al McDaniels
Psycho – Andre’ Williams
Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon
East Texas Wolfman with a nod to Warren Z.
Made Through Another Show!

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