Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October Accordian Special

Trick's Synthetic Podcast October Accordian Fest #2 is the annual celebration of the step child of rock 'n roll, "The Squeeze Box". So come on along dust off the bellows, polish the keys, and oil up the reeds as you swing along on with:
Texas Tornados - Soy de San Luis, Los Lobos - Don't Worry Baby, Augie Meyers - Hey Baby, Que Paso?, Cajun Born - I'm Cajun Cool, C.J. Chenier - Sharp Dressed Man, Polka Floyd - Hey You, Ponty Bone Back 2 Back - Frio City Road & Pigalle Love,
Lil' Band o' Gold - Allon's Rock and Roll, Wayne Toups - Rockin' Flames, Ry Cooder - Stand By Me, John Hiatt - Across The Borderline, Dwight Yoakam - Carmelita, Bobby Charles - Tennessee Blues, My Favorite Record with Those Darn Accordians, McGuiness Flint - Malt and Barley Blues, Van Morrison and The Cheiftans - Celtic Ray, Steven Stills - Change Partners, Texas Tornados - Volver, Augie Meyers -Velma from Selma, Doug Sahm - Poison Love, Flaco Jimenez - I Found Out, Buckwheat Zydeco Back 2 Back - Jackpot! & Put It In The Pocket, Clifton Chenier - Baby Please Don't Go, Chubby Carrier - Cisco Kid, Lil' Band o Gold - Cajun Twist, Boovo Chavez - Forty One Days, Radio Kings - Raining In My Heart, Those Darn Accordians - I Think About Stuff, Clifton Chenier - I'm On My Way, Brave Combo - 'Alloweena's Marbles and Purple Haze

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