Friday, October 30, 2009

November, It's A Psychedelic Flashback

Join the host and his best pal, Don, as they take a trip back to the '60's freak scene and experience the music that can only be described as the November Psychedelic Flashback with those innocent peace and love drug bands, so break out those head phones, lay back on that indian rug, and light up some inscence as you take a musical trip with:
Exit 9 – The Heard
Turn On a Friend – Peanut Butter Conspiracy
Omaha – Moby Grape
Strawberries Mean Love – Strawberry Alarm Clock
Sucking On a Cigarette – Bread, Love, and Dreams
Public Execution – Mouse and the Traps
Declaration of Independence – Count Five
Yeah! – Bruce and Terry
Hey! It’s The Hullabaloo!
Incense and Peppermint – Strawberry Alarm Clock
Smell of Incense – Southwest F.O.B
Hot Smoke and Sassafras – Bubble Puppy
Sit Down I Think I Love You - Back 2 Back Mojo Men and Buffalo Springfield
Sorrow – McCoys
Let’s Spend the Night Together – Muddy Waters
Back Door Man – Howlin’ Wolf
Walk on Gilded Splinters – Johnny Jenkins
PSA from Ravi Shankar
I Am the Walrus – Lord Sitar
Spinning Wheel - Blonde on Blonde
Wispey Paisley Skies - Fraternity of Man
Back On the Avenue – The Leaves
Hey Joe! Back 2 Back – Love and The Creation
You’re Gonna Miss Me – 13th Floor Elevators
House of Glass – Glass Family
How Is the Air Up There – The La De Da’s
The Roscoe Teenage Fair
Theme to the Movie Candy – The Byrds
Beatle Break:
Vanilla Fudge’s Ticket to Ride
Ventures’ Strawberry Fields Forever
Fresh Garbage – Spirit
Orange and Red Beams – Animals
See Emily Play B2B – Pink Floyd and David Bowie
Third Rock From the Sun – Jimi Hendrix
The End with Best Psychedelic Song Ever

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