Friday, May 29, 2009

Southern Fry'd Dixie Edition

Trick's Synthetic PodCast takes a trip down south, the Deep South that is, son. To the land of sweet magnolias and pesky chiggers. So pull on over and come on in, y'all, for a plate full of "Southern Fry'd Dixie." And remember Trick's is still the best 15 minutes of podcastery, wrapped into a CD friendly 80 minute format. Thanks for listening and be sure to stay out of the tall grass.

June Theme - The Dixie Edition
Birmingham - Randy Newman
Alabama '69 - Humble Pie
Alabama - J.B. Lenoir
Going Back South - Robert Lighthouse
M For Mississippi - Big George Brock
My Head`s In Mississippi
"NEW!" MY FAVORITE RECORD - Funky MS - Rufus Thomas
Louisiana Blues - Muddy Waters
Louisiana Love - Whitey Conwell & The Tone Kings
Arkansas Line - Elvin Bishop
Arkansas - Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks
Arkansas - Long John Hunter
Memphis Women and Chicken - Dan Penn
Nashville - Todd Snider
Chattanooga Shoe-Shine Boy
A "Georgia" Back 2 Back with the Spencer Davis Group and The Band
Deep Down In Florida - Muddy Waters
Goin' Back To Florida - Little Mike & The Tornadoes
Dixieland Signoff

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