Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April - It's A Foolish Joke

Any child of the 60's will recognize the above as a piece of blotter acid from that era. To fully enjoy this month's podcast "It's All About Food" edition, print off a copy of the picture, tear off a piece of the illustration being careful not to get too much, chew it really well, and take yourself a trip into the best fifteen minutes in podcasting - now in a CD friendly under 120 minute format. Take a listen, it may sound like it lasts for ever. ~ The Stupid Rabbit Management.
April selection include:
01 Our famous theme and intro by our host
02 Donut Shop - Spirit
03 Eggs - Martin Mull
04 Biscuit Roller - Smokehouse
05 Fine Jelly Blues - Redd Foxx
06 Rice Krispies Commercial - Rolling Stones
07 Hamburgers and Taxes Break
08 Tax Payin' Blues - J.B. Lenoir
09 Chili Sauce - Louis Prima
10 Hot Chili - Paul Flipowicz
11 Baseball, Hot Dogs, and Catfish
12 Catfish - Albert Castiglia
13 Cole Slaw - Louis Jordan
14 Eatin With The Boogie - Sam Gaillard
15 Hot Fish - Sherman Johnson
16 What's That Fishy Smell ?
17 Fish In The Dish - DeDe Priest
18 Cotton Candy
19 Frito Twist - Fritos
20 Bread and Butter - Newbeats
21 Hot Chili - Steve Miller Band
22 Strawberries Mean Love - Strawberry Alarm Clock
23 Oreo Cookie Blues - Lonnie Mack and stevie Ray
24 One Meatball - Calvin Russell
25 Eggs and Sausage - Tom Waits
26 Everybody Eats Pop Corn
27 The Popcorn - James Brown
28 OuTRo - Over The Rainbow

April's Fools 0R April's Food Podcast (RS)

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