Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This "AL"bum is Sweet

This is another example of his "AL"ness, when Linda Tillery left the Loading Zone and became the personna of "Linda Divine" she certainly caught my ear. Al Kooper produced, arranged, and played on much of the album. The Al Kooper touch is evident in every song. Tunes included on the album are:
1 I'll Say It Again - Vann
2 Same Time, Same Place
3 I Love My Dog
4 Boog-A-Dunk
5 Young Girl Blues
6 Good Day Sunshine - Lennon, McCartney
7 Cigarettes and Coffee - Butler, Thomas, Walker
8 Things I Just Don't Understand
9 I've Got a Tiger by the Tail - Howard, Owens

You can "Boog-A-Dunk" right here!


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