Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"AL"ppaloosa, and that is AL in the background

Singer- songwriter,John Parker Compton co-founded the acoustic band Appaloosa with violinist Robin Batteau in the late '60s. Compton got his start singing in a Cambridge church choir. He and Batteau began playing the coffeehouse circuit together. Compton showed up at producer Al Kooper's Columbia Records office in late 1968, hoping to show him his songs. Uninterested, Kooper told him to come back another time. Later, Kooper came in on the duo performing for the secretaries. A convinced Kooper recorded their demo, signed the musicians,and produced their album, Appaloosa. Additional band mates included bassist, David Reiser, and cellist, Eugene Rosov. Also joining in on the session were members of Blood, Sweat & Tears and Al Kooper himself.

Al almost missed this one!

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