Monday, August 13, 2018

555: Cover Me

I had this long narrative where Jim McGarrett tells his partner,"Cover me, Danno!" but after getting to the punch line I remembered the line was "Book 'em, Danno!" Since this isn't a literary blog, I'll just say,"Here's your damn songs!" That about covers it!

Funk #49 (James Gang) B2B Los Straightjackets 
and Travis Wammack
Fire (Elvis) - Robert Gordon
Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd) - Los Coronas and Arizona Baby
You Don't Miss Your Water (William Bell) - Fred Neil
I'm A Lover Not A Fighter (Kinks) - Stackwaddy
Maryanne Faithfull B2B Young Girl Blues (Donovan) 

and Reason To Believe (Rod Stewart)
Let My Love Open The Door (Who) - Rogue Wave
A Word From Big John R
Fame (David Bowie) - The Killers
Beatle Break:
The A side:Paper Back Writer - Kris Kristofferson
The B side: Rain - Ed Harcourt
The Seaside: Strawberry Fields -Todd Rundgren
Doctor My Eyes (Jackson Brown) - Alice Fredenham
You Ain't Going Nowhere (Byrds) - The Rave Ups
Marianne Faithfull B2B Spanish Is The Loving Tongue (Bob Dylan)
and As Tears Go By (The Rolling Stones)

2120 South Michigan Avenue (Rolling Stones) – The Road Runners


Friday, August 10, 2018

554: Live!, from San Francisco it's...

It wouldn't be the same 60's San Francisco without the famous Fillmore, a re purposed theater that became a legend for showcasing the rock stars of the era. Join us as we count down the glory days of the Fillmore and if you rub some colored oils together while sandwiched between two pieces of glass while using your math teachers old overhead projector, you could just invent "The Light Show!"... 
10 Casey Jones - Grateful Dead 
09 Feelin' Alright - Joe Cocker and Leon Russell 
08 Mona - Quicksilver Messenger Service 
07 I'm Ready - Humble Pie 
06 It's My Own Fault - Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, and Johnny Winter 
05 Blues Power - Albert King 
04 Going Up To The Country - Taj Mahal 
03 Room To Move - John Mayall 
02 Statesboro Blues - The Allman Brothers 
01 Hear My Train A Comin' - Jimi Hendrix and Band of Gypsies 
Something extra to blast off:
 Season of the Witch - Al Kooper and Michael Bloomfield

Sunday, July 22, 2018

553: Playing To A Higher Power

It's Sunday and the countdown today is playing to a higher power. Even rockers feel the need to reach out for direction and this podcasts shows even the greatest artists reach out to that higher power:
10 If We Ever Needed The Lord Before - Harper's Bizarre
9 Lord Let Me Hold Out - Humble Pie
8 Jesus - Lou Reed with the Blind Boys of Alabama
7 Are You Ready - Bob Dylan
6 Hem Of His Garment - Al Kooper
5 The Christian Life - Gram Parsons
4 Save Me Jesus - Bobby Charles
3 A Day Without Jesus - Bobby Whitlock
2 Jesus On My Side - Leon Russell
1 Work Me, Lord - Janis Joplin

Drop a coin into the slot and push PLAY:

Saturday, July 14, 2018

552: TSP Is 100% FREE!

After missing the 4th of July podcast because of a holiday road trip to  the mid-west, Trick and the whole gang put this podcast together to celebrate the fact we are free.  So join us, at no cost other than an hour of your time, to reflect on the fact that we are FREE!

I'm Free - The Rolling Stones
Free In Freedom - Clavin Russell
I Want To Be Free - Robert Gordon
Chimes of Freedom B2B with The Byrds 
and Bad Omen
Freedom and God - Coco Robeceaux
Ain't It Good To Be Free - Bo Diddley
Beatle Break: Free As A Bird
Bathroom Break: Free Beer For Life
I'm Free B2B with The Hillbenders 
and The Who
I'm Free - Charlie Gonzales
Spiritual Spotlight - He Set Me Free - Wet Willie
If Dogs Run Free - Bob Dylan with Al Kooper on piano
Kinks B2B with Set Me Free 
and I Am Free
Down In The Gutter, But Free - Canned Heat
Freebird - Dread Zeppelin (Fade)!

BTW, This PODCAST is almost 100% accordion free!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

550: Diggin' Some Doug

If you were to name the national musician of Texas, you'd have to name Willie, but as far as the national musician of San Antonio? Well, that's got to be Doug Sahm also know as Sir Douglas. He' a country prodigy, a San Antonio westside blues journeyman, and a 1960's rock 'n' roll legend... Join us as the Trick's Summer Backyard Band and Barbeque salutes this master of Texas Music.

 She's About A Mover B2B  Michael Power 
and Roy Head
Mendecino - Shawn Sahm
Dynamite Woman - Dave Alvin
And It Didn't Even Bring Me Down - Los Lobos
Why, Why, Why - Jimmie Vaughan
Candy Kisses - Dou Sahm
Be Real - Freda & The Firedogs
Lawd, I'm Just a Country Boy in This Great Big Freaky City B2B with The Bottle Rockets
and Alvin Youngblood Hart
You're Doin' it Too Hard - Charlie Sexton
Nuevo Laredo - Gourds
Ta Bueno Compadre (It's Ok Friend) - Flaco Jimenez
Adios Mexico -Joe "King" Carrasco
I'm Not That Kat Anymore B2B with Terry Allen and The Bottle Rockets
You Can't Hide Your Redneck Under That Hippy Hair - The Bottle Rockets
You Can Dig It, Too!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

548: 10 Familiar Cover Tunes:

Simply 10 covers of songs we all least, we do:
10 Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (Yardbirds) - Todd Rundgren
 9 Graceland (Paul Simon) - Chris Martin
 8 With A Girl Like You (Troggs) - Alex Chilton
 7 Knocking On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan) - Danny and Dusty
 6 Reason To Believe(Rod Stewart) - East of Venus
 5 On The Road Again (Canned Heat) - Love Sculpture
 4 Whipping Post (Allman Brothers) - Bleeding Harp
 3 Barefootin' ( Robert Parker) - Nasta Super and Chris Cain
 2 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Animals) - American Breed
 1 She's About A Mover (Sir Douglas Quintet) - Doug Clifford
00 Surf #49 (Funk #49 - James Gang) - Los Straightjackets

Make that 11!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

547: Say, That's Mister PesonALity

Alan Peter Kuperschmidt, better known as Al Kooper, is known for his distinctive organ sound that shot him to the forefront of popularity on Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone, but that's just a slice of his creativity that goes way beyond that classic. As a producer, writer, vocalist, and multi-instrument master, he unique finger print is all over the rock, blues, and even country scene of the past 50 plus years. You might say, "He's Mister PersonALity!"

Meet Your New Landlord - Webb Wilder (DooDah)
Sick Manny-s Gym  - Leo DeLyon and The Musclemen  (1960)
Wake Me, Shake Me - Blues Project (Projections 1966 )
My Days Are Numbered - Blood, Sweat, and Tears (Child Is The Father To Man 1968)
I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes - 10 Years After (10 Years After 1967)
More Than You'll Ever Know - Guitar Shorty (Topsy Turvy 1993)
Al Hawks His New Album
Albert's Shuffle - Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield (Super Sessions 1968)
Friends - B.B. King (Live and Well 1969)
Tramp On Your Street - The Shavers (Tramp On Your Street 1993)
Birds Nest on the Ground - Jimmy Vivino (Do What, Now? 1997)
The Man In Me - Bob Dylan (New Morning 1970)
Tuesday's Gone - Lynryd Skynyrd ( Pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nérd 1973)

Friday, June 8, 2018

546: A Baker's Dozen of Psychedelic Headswirlers

It's A Trick's Countdown that hearkens back to the Summer of Love with a Baker's Dozen of Psychedelic Head Swirlers courtesy of The Love God, Ol' Don himself:

10 Season of the Witch B2B with Brian Auger and Trinity 

and The Mugwamps
 9 I Like The Way You Freakout - Hands of Time
 8 Mindblower - Love Machine
 7 Strawberry Children - The Hobbits
6 What's The Rush, Dillbury - Paradox
5 Ain't No Miricle Worker B2B Chocolate Watchband 

and The  Chesterfield Kings
4 Reactions of a Young Man - Elmer Gantry
3 Jefferson Airplane - Ford Theater
2 What Can I Do For You, First Half and The Other Half - The Other Half
1  Psychotic Reaction B2B with Michael Powers 

and The Hands of Time