Sunday, September 18, 2016

An "All Talking" Podcast ! ? !

No don't go getting your panties in a wad...there's music, too!  We've hand selected tunes with one thing in common, they're all tied to "talking." So limber up your mouth to you can talk along with these talkative tunes:

Street Corner Talking - Kim Simmonds

Talking to the Wall - Michael Nesmith

Everybody's Talking B2B with 
Harry Nilsson and Bill Withers

Talking In The Dark - Elvis Costello

Talkin' Trash - The Marathons

Talkin' Woman - Lowell Fulsom

Spiritual Spotlight:

Talking About Jesus - Delaney and Bonnie

Talkin' 'bout You B2B with 
The Animals and Faron's Flamingos

Talkin' To My Baby On The Telephone - Brint Anderson

Hey, Ride With Me:

 I Hear You Talkin' - Mike Penny

Don't Start Me Talkin' B2B with
Fraternity Of Man and 
Jimmy Rogers with Mick 'n' Keith

Who's Been Talking - Murali Coryell

My Favorite Record is:

I'm Not Talking - Mose Allison

Talking To You - Savage Resurrection

Over The Rainbow (Fade) -  James Moody and his Cool Cats
Please, Do Not Talk Over The Podcast!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Golden sounds of . . .

We  had a great artsy podcast in mind and what-a-ya-know?  This popped out! 

C Jam Blues - Jimmy Smith
Bird Nest On The Ground - Jimmy Vivino
Dreams - Allman Brothers
Chest Fever B2B with Band and Three Dog Night
Mo Roc - Baby Face Willette
Soul Sacrifice -Santana
Evil Woman B2B with  Camel and Crow
Beatle Break: For The Benefit of Mr. Kite
Michael's Lament - Michael Bloomfield
Paul B. Allen, Omaha, Nebraska - Buddy Miles
  Take your pick, they both lead to TSP!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Yep! We're not working on Labor Day!

 It's not often that the entire Trick's Synthetic Gang takes a day, much less and entire weekend off, but the time has come. But, don't fret podcast breath, we are posting a double Labor Day Podcast to get you through the long weekend and they're both chock full of our signature features because what would Labor Day be without a little work?

Not Working On Labor Day Pt. 1

Working Man's Blues - Johnny Russell
Working On A Guru - Bob Dylan
B2B Working In A Coal Mine - Jello Biafra 
and Opus Taylor and Run C'n'W
Workin' For The Children - KGB fea. Michael Bloomfield
Keep On Working - Pete Townsend
Working On The Road - 10 Years After
Working Class Hero B2B with John Lennon 
and Skuffle Dog
Wind Up Working In A Gas Station - Frank Zappa
Howard Johnson's Got His Mojo Working - NRBQ
Got My Mojo Working B2B Bar B Q Barnes and Muddy Waters
Spiritual Spotlight: Working On A Building - Richie Havens
Over The Rainbow sign off with Chet Baker 

Not Working On Labor Day Pt. 1

Work, Baby, Work - Louis Jordan

Work For My Baby - H Bomb Ferguson
 Off To Work Again - Wilbert Harrison
Work Song B2B with The Castaways 
and Paul Butterfield
I Just Can't Work No Longer - David Lindley
I Don't Like To Work - Bill Kirchen
Hard Working Man - Captain Beefheart
My Favorite Record: Hard Working Man - B.B. Major
Don't Work Too Hard - Chris Thomas King
Beatle Break: We Can Work It Out - Humble Pie
Working Man - Cave Dwellers
I Don't Work That Cheap - Bill Kirchen with Commander Cody
Hey, Ride With Me Awhile: When The Works All Done This Fall - Bradley Kincaid
When The Work Is Over - The Kinks
Over The Rainbow - Cleaver
Enjoy not working!
this weekend.